Exam Master

People sell what they know!

There is big different between two instructor who give lecture for the same subject. Some instructors explain the related subject with good examples and efficiency but some of them not. Trainees affected from this badly. Exam results show this. During examination not capable instructors to keep their place chose exam questions manually. Results are shown very nice. In fact result is zero. This kind of instructors does not improve themself. So real training result goes bad day by day. To prevent this our team developped Exam Master.

MDM questions are used in this system and instructors cannot see the questions. They can see only MDM titles of subject. Questions are chosen when the trainee press the start button for exam.

Exam Master provides;

  • The instructors teach standart knowledge
  • The instructors may improve themselves
  • The trainees are forced to learn instead of memorizing
  • To see the exam results in short period of time
    • To define the bad questions
    • To check the given answers
  • To add new questions easily
  • To create new questions easily


Safety & Properties

  • Safe and secure system
  • Easy transfer from word files
  • Availability of picture questions & answers
  • Lower and upper case characters
  • Normal, coloured and bold text
  • Remote control access
  • Flexibility for language
  • Print facility for Learning Objectives only
  • 3 or 4 answer options
  • Mixture of 3 and 4 answer options in the same exam



  • Hard copy result sheet printing
    • Questions and given answers only
    • Candidate's Signature
  • Mailing of exam socore
  • Automatic recording for related exam
  • Automatic exam reports (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or all periods)
  • Statistics

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